Friday, 12 August 2016

Highly Immersive Programme - Part 1

  • Our very first project for HIP... English Zone!

Thank you Cikgu Redzwan for helping us!

Teacher Azura was busy laminating the materials.

Almost done..

Done! Yay!

Done! Yay!
  • We decided to have assembly in English once a month. The teachers on duty are responsible to prepare speech in English. We would encourage the non-optionist teachers to deliver speech during the assembly. Practice makes perfect! :)
  • Reading Corner - I managed to buy these books at cheaper price from AEON Station 18. Each book costs me RM1 and it consists of four short stories. I put these colourful and attractive books in my class so that my students could read and fill up their NILAM book whenever they're free. I know it's not easy for young kids to stay in place and do reading but some of my students really did! High five! :D
4 short stories in a book.

Footnote : I'll try my best to make it real! :) More updates will be coming soon. Wait and see.. Haha